A Proper Lady Taken As Wife

A Proper Lady Taken As Wife Manga

Alternative: 千金闲妻(中文), Istri Kaya yang Pemalas(Bahasa Indonesia), Thiên Kim Nhàn Thê(Tiếng việt), Mi Mujer Ideal(Español), สยบใจนายพลหมาดนิ่ง(ไทย)
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Author(s): You Lu Wenhua
Genre: Romance , Webtoon,
Status: Ongoing
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A Proper Lady Taken As Wife Content

A Proper Lady Taken as Wife Comics Online. When the innocent young lady tang youer accidentally barges in the commander cheng hanyu’s blind date, she instantly becomes his romantic target. With not much effort, she is taken as his wife, but good days never last for long, after being deserted by hanyu, tang youer learns what life is truly about and becomes a real proper lady. One day she comes back with a lovely daughter…

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