Ultramarine Magmell (Chinese Version)

Ultramarine Magmell (Chinese Version) Manga

Alternative: Gunjou no Magmel,Magmell of the Sea Blue,Sheyou Zhiguo,拾又之国
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Author(s): Di Nian Miao, Fan Fan Comic,
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Shounen, Supernatural, Webtoons,
Status: Ongoing
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Ultramarine Magmell (Chinese Version) Content

35 years before the story begins, a new continent appeared in the Pacific Ocean: the Holy Continent. There are countless new species and mineral resources beyond the common sense of mankind, and humans want to conquer this place, but the special magnetic field of Saint Lucia repels the involvement of high-tech products, so the world has once again entered the era of great adventure with bare-feet explored. Countless explorers continue to enter the holy continent in pursuit of wealth and many of them are trapped into crisis. And the protagonist of our story, is doing the work of rescuing explorers in the holy continent, thus, being known as the "collectors."

Ultramarine Magmell (Chinese Version) chapters

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